The great bunting of Bonifacio by Nicolas Roux dit Buisson

Nicolas Roux Dit Buisson is a photographer and artistic director for thirty years. In 2009, he created the concept of "Sublimated Vegetable" which became the engine of his work. He met with the latter a great success in 2011 for the first residence / exhibition at the Botanical Garden of Lyon hosting more than 26,000 visitors. Success renewed during the second session of 2015. "The Rose and the Wind" welcomed more than 700,000 visitors to the World Rose Festival.


Exhibition “OUT OF THE WALLS” in the four corners of Bonifacio, from June 5th to November 4th.

In 2016, the City of Bonifacio engages a partnership with the artist Nicolas Roux Dit Buisson to work on the project Fola Flora. It took the form of a two-year artist residency. This work is a continuation of the concept of “Sublimated Vegetable” which aims to elevate nature to a work of art.

Through this work, which will take the form of a large pavement in the streets of Bonifacio and an exhibition of original works in the Espace Saint-Jacques, he chose to reveal the island’s botanical wealth and its historical link with tales. and Corsican legends.

Flora : A course of kakemonos with colorful flowers will pamper the city with a festive air and will bring visitors from the Navy to the Upper Town to Espace Saint-Jacques.

Fola : informative cartels placed at the base of the images will transmit the myths and legends at the origin of the works.

Respecting the verticality characteristic of the architectural heritage of the city, the kakemonos arranged in height, from time to time, will allow to rediscover its perspectives and to take a new look at its historical buildings.

The Fola Flora project is supported by the CBNC, who wishes to inform Corsica Grana, the Corsican Environment Office and the Corsica Regional Nature Park.

For more information, do not hesitate to download the press kit.

  • Environment : Medieval town


  • Exhibition - conference
  • Cultural event


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    Of 05/06/2018 the 04/11/2018



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The great bunting of Bonifacio by Nicolas Roux dit Buisson

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