Fireworks in Bonifacio


July22, August 15 and September 8 : three sparkling evenings that invites you to make yourself comfortable on a terrace of the Marina, in a relaxed way on a pontoon between the boats, at the very beginning of the Campu Rumanilu trail or to stroll in the alleys of the Upper Town in search of the The most unusual place to admire this magical spectacle that will illuminate the Citadel with thousands of stars in a sky that is sometimes vibrant with music.

The fireworks are fired at 11 p.m. from The Fortress of the Standard.

Parking : that evening, a shuttle will operate from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. for rotations between the Municipal Police Avenue Paul Nicolai and the Monteleone car park.


  • Fireworks

Date(s) of events

    Of 22/07/2021 the 08/09/2021