Fireworks in Bonifacio from 13 July and 15 August

Wednesday 13 July and Monday 15 August, Bonifacio invites you to spend a colourful evening!


The fireworks are fired at 11pm from the Bastion de l’Etendard.

Sit comfortably on a terrace, on a pontoon between the boats, at the beginning of the Campu Rumanilu path or stroll through the narrow streets of the Upper Town in search of the most unusual place to admire the fairy-tale show which will illuminate the Citadel with thousands of stars in a sky vibrant with colour and music.

In order for this evening to take place in the best conditions: 

Traffic will be strictly forbidden to all vehicles, including two-wheelers, on the Quai Banda Del Ferro, the Quai Comparetti and the Quai Nord from 9pm to midnight.

In order to manage the flow of vehicles at the end of the fireworks, the municipality has put in place several measures:

  • For the Upper Town, the exit will be via Avenue de la Carotola and Rue Fred Scamaroni; between 10.45pm and 11.30pm, vehicles parked on the port will not be able to access the Upper Town.
  • Concerning the P1 car park in the port and the P5 in the Upper Town, the municipality has set up a special tariff: 5pm – midnight at 8€.


  • Fireworks

Why it’s nice !

  • It is always a spectacular and majestic moment
  • The bouncing and echoing noise gives the impression of being at the heart of the fireworks
  • The fireworks are never the same depending on the site you choose

Date(s) of events

    Of 13/07/2022 the 15/08/2022