In April, it’s time to take the plunge !

The advantage in Bonifacio and in Southern Corsica is that from April onwards, you can enjoy a turquoise sea reaching around 18 degrees... and for those who are chilly, don't panic, wear a diving suit and splash... into the water! It is thus possible to do several aquatic activities specially designed for you in the heart of the famous Nature Reserve of the Strait of Bonifacio. In addition, you will be able to benefit from promotional offers.

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Do you dream of lagoons, a translucide sea, gliding to the rhythm of the water on a kayak, and taking advantage of windier days to do water sports? Then this section is for you!

For the more daring:

  • Snorkel into the creek of Fazziò,
  1. Tam Tam
  2. Sub Dadou
  3. Hippocampe
  4. Fazziò beach
  • Go paddle hiking to the Lavezzi Islands,
  1. Bonif’ kayak
  2. Bonifacio Windsurf
  3. Maora B’ch Sailing Club
  4. Ecole de voile de Bonifacio
  • Take a private kiteboarding lesson in one of the most beautiful spots in Southern Corsica,
  1. Corsica kiteboarding
  • Initiate yourself to windsurfing in the magical bay of Piantarella,
  1. Bonifacio Windsurf
  • Dive into the archipelagos of the Cerbicale or the Lavezzi Islands,
  1. Hippocampe
  2. Plongée nature
  3. Porto-Vecchio plongée
  4. Scuba libre
  • Take part in a catamaran training session on offer by the Glénans,
  1. Les Glenans sailing school
  • Enjoy a pedal boat adventure in the Gulf of Sant’Amanza,
  1. Maora B’ch Sailing Club
  • Dare to canyon, jump and shiver in the most beautiful canyons of Southern Corsica.
  1. Aqua Natura
  2. Alpa Corse
  3. Acqua canyon
  4. Bavella canyon
  5. Corse montagne
  6. Corsica canyon
  7. Corsica forest
  8. Xtrem sud canyon

Softer activities:

  • Explore the cliffs, caves, creeks and archipelago of Lavezzi with a boat trip or a mini-cruise,
  1. SPMB
  • Go on a must-see hike on the Strada Veccia path known as “the beach path”. And many others with the iScarpi application,
  1. Strada Vecia path
  2. I Scarpi sur App Store et sur Google play
  • Take a stand up paddle Yoga course on the transparent waters of Piantarella,
  1. Bonif’ kayak
  • Sail under the majestic Bonifacian cliffs,
  1. Maora B’ch Sailing Club
  • Take a kayak through the most beautiful lagoon of Corsica,
  1. Bonif’ kayak
  2. Bonifacio Windsurf
  3. Maora B’ch Sailing Club
  4. Ecole de voile de Bonifacio
  • Experience an unforgettable trip into the heart of unseen maritime landscapes in semi-rigid boat, with or without a skipper,
  1. Euroyacht
  2. Bonifacio yatching
  3. Nautic aventures
  4. Pouss’ vague
  • Take a catamaran cruise to the Lavezzi Islands.
  1. Croisière des îles




  • Athletic event
  • Promotional operation
  • Sea activities

Why it’s nice !

  • Authentic Corsica
  • Zen and tranquil moments
  • The first swim in the waters of the Mediterranean
  • Life in the open air....


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Activities at sea in April!
You dream of lagoons, a transparent sea, to drift to the rhythm of the water on a kayak, or to take the wind while taking advantage of windy days to practice water sports? This is the moment to jump into the water, this section is for you!

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