Families, in the spotlight in April!

In Corsica, April is a month of tranquillity that is well worth a family visit. In Bonifacio and in Southern Corsica, all kinds of activities with promotions are available to you. It's guaranteed, you won't have time to get bored!

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On this occasion, we have created a range of activities just for you to enjoy with your family: with toddlers, more independent children and teenagers looking for adventure. What could be better than to combine a moment of sharing and discovery?

For toddlers:

  • Build the most beautiful sand castle on the beach of Petit Sperone,
  1. Sperone Beaches
  • Play bowls on a bowling alley overlooking the cliffs,
  1. Bowls
  •  Enjoy one of the city’s two playgrounds with a sea view,
  • Walk on the cliffs of Bonifacio along the Campu Rumanilu trail,
  1. Campu Romalinu Path
  • Start a mini survival course on Piantarella beach, just like Robinson Crusoe,
  1. Bonifacio Windsurf
  • Become magicians of the wind with the discovery of windsurfing and paddle,
  1. Bonifacio Windsurf
  • Discover a garden and a Mediterranean pony orchard,
  1. Horse riding Ranch San Diégo 
  • Discover the protected fauna and flora by taking the Rondinara trail,
  1. Rundinara path
  • Embark in the tree nursery park along the Cavu River,
  1. A Tyroliana
  • Visit the Roccapina Museum and discover the mysterious world of rocks.

For families passionate about nature:

  • Explore the coastal paths by bike in complete autonomy,
  1. Tam Tam
  2. Bonifacio Windsurf
  3. Bicy corsica
  • Go on an explanatory botanical hike on the cliffs with a mid-mountain guide,
  1. A Muvrella Randonnées
  • Opt for a survival training with a nature challenge in the scrubland,
  1. Bonifacio Windsurf
  • Escape on horseback and discover the scrubland and the beaches of the Gulf of Sant’Amanza,
  1. Horse riding Ranch San Diégo 
  • Choose a 2-wheeler and drive in Bonifacio and its surroundings,
  1. Golf de Sperone
  • Go to the plateau of Cuscionu and its Pozzines for a nature hike in contact with animals, accompanied or not,
  1. A Muvrella Randonnées
  2. Cuscionu, water trail
  • Motivate yourself for an adventure tour in the heart of a eucalyptus forest,
  1. Rent Scooter Bonifacio ASJP
  2. Leasing Sacha Bike
  3. Leasing Scoot Rent
  • Try the treetop-discovery at the foot of the Aiguilles de Bavella,
  1. A Tyroliana
  • Go for a fun and refreshing aqua-hike guided by a high-mountain guide in Chisà,
  1. Alpa corse
  • Start a paintball game in a unique setting of more than one hectare bordered by the sea,
  1. Acqua & Natura
  • Adventure in a 4×4 wheel drive raid to discover the roads, tracks, beaches and mountains of Southern Corsica,
  1. Corsica Raid 4×4
  2. Natura Corsa
  3. Rando 4×4 Corse
  • Let yourself be tempted by a buggy trip to the heart of a black pig farm,
  1. U Porcu Ranger
  • Visit an unusual place: the Corsican pig museum,
  1. U Mondu di U Porcu

For young and old, lovers of the sea:

  • Enjoy the cliffs, caves, creeks and archipelago of Lavezzi with a sea trip or a mini-cruise,
  1. SPMB
  • Take a family kayak on the most beautiful lagoon in Corsica,
  1. Bonif’ kayak
  2. Bonifacio Windsurf
  3. Maora B’ch Sailing Club
  4. Ecole de voile de Bonifacio
  • Paddle to the Lavezzi Islands,
  1. Bonif’ kayak
  2. Bonifacio Windsurf
  3. Maora B’ch Sailing Club
  4. Ecole de voile de Bonifacio
  • Go on a sailing course with the Glénans sailing school,
  1. Les Glenans sailing school
  • Initiate yourself to windsurfing on the beach of Piantarella,
  1. Bonifacio Windsurf
  2. Ecole de voile de Bonifacio
  • Opt for a sensory sailing outing with a stopover to taste Corsican products in the Nature Reserve of the Strait of Bonifacio,
  1. Maora B’ch Sailing Club
  • Learn about the SeaBob aquatic activity just “like James Bond”,
  1. Nautical activities Espace Seabob Corsica
  • Go out into the heart of new and unforgettable maritime landscapes in a semi-rigid boat, with or without a skipper,
  1. Euroyacht
  2. Bonifacio yatching
  3. Nautic aventures
  4. Pouss’ vague
  •  Immerse yourself in transparent waters and a multi coloured atmosphere for the pleasure of the eyes.
  1. Hippocampe
  2. Plongée nature
  3. Porto-Vecchio plongée
  4. Scuba libre

And for those who are keen on cultural discoveries:

  •  Take the King of Aragon’s Stairway, which overlooks the sea by 65 metres,
  1. The King of Aragon’s Stairway
  • Enjoy a visit of the Bastion of the Standard with Fanfan, the flying donkey and his free game booklet for children,
  1. The Fortress of the Standard, an emblematic site to visit
  • Choose one of the customized tours of the Citadel with a tour guide
  1. Guided tour « discovery »
  •  Take the road created by Napoleon III and discover the history of the city,
  1. The little Bonifacio train
  • Take part in the “Middle Ages Survey” to discover Bonifacio in a fun way.
  1. Guided tour for children « Investigation in the Middle Ages »



  • Athletic event
  • Promotional operation
  • Family activities

Why it’s nice !

  • Take part in activities both at sea and on land
  • Moments of discovery and sharing between adults and children
  • The good plans proposed.


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Family activities in April!
Families, in the spotlight in April! On this occasion, we have concocted just for you a range of activities to practice with toddlers, more independent children and teenagers in search of adventure. What better than to combine moments of sharing and discovery? 😉

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