Festi Lumi, the Festival of Lights in Bonifacio

Bonifacio offers one of the most important and dazzling events of the tourist season : FESTI LUMI, a festival where the Bonifacian heritage is revealed in a different way... We will meet you on July 4th, 5th and 6th starting at nightfall. Free event.


The 6th edition of the Bonifacio Festival of Lights will take place from July 04th to 06th, 2019.

Building on the success of previous years, the Bonifacian nights will be transformed thanks to a universe combining new technologies and traditional imagination.

Throughout the Medieval town, from the Bastion of the Etendard to the Pisan district, the venues will be invested on different scales, between grandiose animations, intimate scenographies, human interactions and enigmatic luminous lanterns inviting you to be at times a spectator, at other times an actor.

Thus, the layout of the festival is imagined both as a continuous thread that runs intuitively and as a rosary punctuated by varied installations rich in surprises.

Completely free – Go directly to the heart of the city of Bonifacio from nightfall.

An event not to be missed !

Parking is possible in the car parks provided by the municipality : more details by clicking here.

  • Environment : Medieval town, Rastello climb


  • Cultural event
  • Animated evening

Why it’s nice !

  • Original way to discover the citadel of Bonifacio
  • Monuments, facades, squares, hidden or forgotten architectural details revealed by the magical lights
  • Wander and meander at your own rhythm guided by the glimmering of the magic lanterns


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  • Free event

Date(s) of events

    Of 04/07/2019 the 06/07/2019

Contact information

Festi Lumi, the Festival of Lights in Bonifacio

Medieval town of Bonifacio 20169 Bonifacio