Fireworks in Bonifacio !

Several nights in the summer, from 11 pm, from the top of the Bastion de l’Étendard the sky and all the ramparts of Bonifacio are illuminated.


July 13th, August 1st, August 15th and September 8th : 4 dates to remember ! 4 sparkling evenings that invite you to settle down comfortably on a terrace;  in relaxed mode on a pontoon between boats; at the beginning of the path of Campu Rumanellu or finally to stroll through the alleys of the Medieval town in search for the most unusual place to admire the magical show which will illuminate the citadel of thousand stars in a sky sometimes vibrant with music.

« We were going to fireworks
See these stars of not long time
Who are born, who shine and then who slide
Falling back to the ocean
And that makes sea stars
It puts in the eyes of children
Ephemeral constellations
And we remember when we are tall »

  • Environment : Medieval town, Marina


  • Animation
  • Animated evening

Why it’s nice !

  • It's always a spectacular and majestic moment
  • The sound that bounces and resonates gives the impression of being at the heart of the fireworks
  • The fireworks are never the same depending on the site you choose


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Fireworks in Bonifacio !

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