Located at the entrance to Bonifacio, on your left, the Total station offers you lots of services: fuel, shop, local press, washing, cleaning, gas, scooter rental ... But it is also a car garage, with a center tire mounting.


A real “full service” station, you will find answers to all your needs, including all your questions because the people at the reception are Bonifacian in origin. Aliapur certified, the station recycles its tires and thus contributes to environmental conservation.

Take advantage of home gas delivery and have your “Vrac’n Bio” products delivered to the station on Thursday. In short, go to their site, they have lots of tips!

Why it’s nice !

  • Tire recycling.
  • Good plans, good info.
  • Located next to the historic site (unopened) of the Lady of Bonifacio.


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Means of payment

  • Bank cards: Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard
  • Carte GR TOTAL
  • Carte Jubileo

Contact information

Station-service – Total Relais Araguina

Avenue Sylvère Bohn
Lieu dit Araguina
20169 Bonifacio