Buongiorno! Yesterday evening, I watched the wonderful sunset from the medieval town, when the ferry from Bonifacio to Sardinia came into the field of my camera. Click-click, I immortalized this moment and then said to myself: “What if tomorrow, I spend a day in Italy?” Mamma mia! I love the language, the cuisine and the Dolce Vita.


The next day, information taken early in the morning at the Tourist Office, Sardinia is only one hour by boat and there has several crossings a day in both directions. And as I am without a car, no need to book. Andiamo! I immediately go to the port of commerce and less than 10 minutes later here I am on the deck of the boat, ready for the great crossing.

Finally, “great crossing,” is over the top: Sardinia is only 12 kilometres away. I hardly had the time to take a few unforgettable photos of the cliffs, to scrutinize the horizon in search of a dolphin… and less than an hour later, the ferry entered the small port of Santa Teresa di Gallura.


The port is really very small and I don’t really know which direction to take: the lane to the right or along the quay? “Bongiorno Mr. Customs Officer, how do I get to the town, please? “. He answers me with a broad smile and… oh my god, S-O-S: He has blue eyes! A beautiful Italian with blue eyes, it’s definitely my lucky day. He informs me today being Thursday (Giovedi, he said), I can visit the local market (I think), he directs me to the North, (I think) but with blue eyes like that, I am completely mesmerized. In fact, hypnotized as I am, I have not understood anything he said to me. And I leave, thanking him as if I had understood everything. So, I take to the right (I think it’s that’s what he said).

Indeed, a few hundred meters further, I find the market. Quite big, there seems to be everything. Clothing, hardware, crafts, but also and especially food products. This is what interests me: cheeses, biscuits, honeys, olives, breads, antipasti, smoked meats, pasta. I look, I taste, and I chat: I don’t speak Italian, but the language of hands works very well. A bit here and a bit there, and here I am, with my arms loaded. So I buy a bag. A type of beach bag, which will be useful during my vacation in Corsica.

I go towards the town, located a little higher. Small alleys to climb, low houses, cute and painted in all colours. It is very charming. The weight of my bag, much less. Then, on the right, a small trattoria, it is 1 p.m., my market adventure has given me an appetite, the beach bag saws into my shoulder, and a pause is definitely required.

I will eat something light. Just one dish. Yes, but I am in Italy: the menu is miles long, with an enormous choice. If I understand correctly, the “antipasto” is the appetizers, the “Primo Piatto” is starters and the pasta, the “Secondo Piatto” the meat and fish, the “Contorni” are the accompaniments and “Dolci” are the desserts. Phew, what a list!

No dessert for me: I have to watch my weight. And no pizza either as they are very good in Bonifacio too. So, so … one light dish: Sardinian Ravioli (Stuffed Culurgiones) with sea spider, tomato sauce and slightly sprinkled with pecorino. Buonissimo! I finish with a strong espresso (No, no, no dessert!), and I continue my escapade.

I leave my beach bag at the restaurant, as the owner is really lovely and accommodating. I am off to visit the town with a light step, and only my camera over my shoulder. This town is small, but its central square is immense. Reserved for pedestrians: children play football and skateboard, the terraces are welcoming and I am told that at 500 meters, there is a beach particularly used by the young. Shall I go or not?

But time passes quickly. Too fast. I decide to go down to the port to catch my boat back to Bonifacio. I retrieve my bag and I think about my handsome Customs Officer. Will he be there? Never mind: I return slowly, vowing that I will come back for “un’altra giornata di dolce vita”.