It is our Corsican host who, on several occasions, recommended that we make a short beneficial stop at the thermal baths of Caldane. Fortunately I had the bright idea to include our swimsuits in the luggage… I really wanted to go to this countryside spa, with its 37°sulphurous waters, during our weekend in Corsica.


On this Sunday at the end of October, with its Spring-like sun, no picnic on the beach but a healthy thermal dip is on the program: off we go to the Domain of Caldane thermal baths, at only one hour from Bonifacio.


Thermal experience in a setting of luscious greenery

The air was a little fresh that day and the idea of undressing out-of-doors leaves me slightly sceptical… The parking space is practically empty, indicating that we could happily be the only couple at the baths.

The lady at the reception kindly gives us all the necessary explications to fully enjoy this natural Jacuzzi: no more than 20 minutes in this sulphurous water. It has soothing virtues particularly for the skin, for the sinuses and the throat as well as inflammations of all kinds. We go to the outdoor changing room!!! Reassured by the temperature of the water at more than 37°, we hurry and change to enter these pure blue pools.

Sulphur baths

Even if the outside temperature is only 15°, we enter the pools with great ease! Immediate feeling of comfort! The 3 basins are built with large blocks of granite. And surprise, the bottom of the pool is sandy, with a slight variation of warmth, indicating that the water renews itself from the earth. A large wall clock reminds us of the time and that we are limited to 20 minutes … What happiness, we are still the only ones to enjoy this moment!

The baths are at the foot of the Alta Rocca massive. For a second, I think I am in a Scandinavian country or with our cousins in Quebec … where these open-air spas are customary!

Twenty minutes have passed and we leave the bath peacefully. The layout of the site is very cute with lounge beds inviting us to relax. We rest for 15 minutes on the lounge beds listening to the breeze in the leaves of the trees and the chirping of the birds. After this sulphurous bath, this rest is salutary. Its effects activate the blood circulation and our organism has been boosted… Little by little the body regains its natural rhythm and we calmly go to get dressed.

There is no doubt; this is an experience to be renewed, but always towards the end of the year. As most certainly this unusual and regenerative activity in Southern Corsica must be very popular during the summer! To continue this pleasant experience, we enjoy a typically Corsican lunch in the restaurant adjoining the Domain. Equally beneficial for our stomachs…


Les bains de Caldane

20112 Sainte-Lucie de Tallano

Tél : 04/

GPS : 41.664799, 9.051787


  • A soothing and relaxing experience
  • Attractive price, 5€ access to the bath (2,5€ up to 8 years old)
  • Massages available!
  • Restaurant just by the Fiumicicoli river
  • For children: mini-golf and health circuit