Picnic on the beach at sunset.

The days are long, beautiful and hot, I decide with my friends to organize a small aperitif picnic on the beach the next evening. First of all we must choose “which beach? ” Everything will depend on whether we have an East wind or a wind from the West! In Bonifacio, we live totally in relation to the wind!

It’s D-day!

So we are all in the process of preparing this picnic! For my part, I have to prepare a big salad, mmm… with good seasonal vegetables. There will also be pies, chips and the salami that I bought directly from a producer in the Alta Rocca. Sparkling Muscatel wine for the ladies, beer for the guys and soft drinks for the children, everything is ready!

Time for the game

Today, there is a slight East wind; therefore off we go to La Tonnara beach. Not even time to set up everything, the children are already in the water! Then, a game of football is organised on the sand, the adults against the children. The children are rolling down the sandy slopes into the water. What fun!

How marvellous!

The sun begins to set, large towels and candles are organised and this is the time to start our aperitif picnic whilst admiring the splendid pools of light that nature provides us. This is the time to take loads of photos!

The sounds of the gulls accompany this isolated beach and the adults chat and the children play. Total bliss!

A simple, improvised but unforgettable evening!

Why it’s nice!

  • Family picnic
  • Atmosphere of the beach
  • Wild nature