The statistics are formal: more than 50% of our visitors, once they have visited Bonifacio, return the following years. Loyalty deserving some explanation… that I will be happy to give you. As when you ask me what I like most about Bonifacio, the first thing that comes to mind is… sharing.

Sharing everything that I know about Bonifacio: wonderful, amusing, particular and authentic. And sharing by taking care not to forget or change anything. By sharing totally, the magic of a small town, but large in reputation: the “picturesque capital of Corsica”, as already written by M. Valery in 1837.

Let me take you by the hand…

When I meet visitors returning to Bonifacio, I would like to take them by the hand to discover all the great things that are not necessarily shown by the tourist guides. Of course, the sea outings, the King of Aragon’s Stairway and the Fortress of the Standard are essential. Their souvenirs are such that more than often, the visitor wants to relive this Bonifacio that seduced them a few years earlier. Yes, I would like to take this visitor by the hand, tell him to trust and follow me. For example, along the sentry patrol path starting near the Tourist Office and leading up to the beautiful marine cemetery, a city in the city.

Meeting the locals.

If I could, I would take them through the narrow medieval streets populated with cats, towards some delectable addresses and would have them taste a strong local cheese here, and there, a true Corsican cured ham with it’s pink lard which has the subtle flavour of hazelnuts. I would like to take them by the hand to meet the locals: in the medieval town, on the Marina and those on the plateau in the countryside, this limestone plateau rich with flowers and fragrances. I would take them to meet François – the fisherman, François – the writer, François – the schoolmaster… and then Dumé, Angel, Saveur and so many others. Because they are all different, wonderful, and endearing these true Bonifacians of descent and heart.

It goes even further than that

If I had the time, I would take my visitor to the Hermitage of the Trinity, the ideal setting to improvise a picnic called a “spuntinu” here, with good wine, good bread, some cured meats and people happy to be together: living these moments of incredible simplicity and infinite beauty as well as enjoying the warmth of human contact and the view. Yes, the massif of the Trinité offers an irresistible view on the town, Sardinia, the Strait of Bonifacio. Oooh, if I only had the time…

For me, no vacation this summer!

As I work at the Tourist Office, and regardless of what some may say, we work hard. For our visitors, for everyone. And throughout the year!