The path of this magnificent hike opens onto the dense and fragrant scrubland, scattered with granite rocks that are shaped and eroded by the wind and called Tafoni. This granitic chaos offers perfect shelter for the fauna of the peninsula. Keep your eyes open: perhaps you will catch a glimpse of the “European Desmaret Shag”, a Mediterranean cormorant.


The path will take you to magnificent wild creeks including the famous coral beach and its amazing red sand.  The colour is due to small unicellular animals.  Don’t forget your mask and snorkel to discover the underwater fauna and flora of the peninsula! And let your imagination wonder whilst looking at the unexpected shapes of the rocks: for example you will see a bust of Venus or a bird taking flight.


  • Difficulty : Blue Level

Why it’s nice !

  • The idyllic beaches and creeks
  • The “Coral” beach, the blond “Venus” beach
  • The rocks shaped by the wind
  • Rich and diversified avifauna


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