Here we have a path for experienced hikers. Not difficult, but it is relatively long. Starting at the Paragan beach (experienced hikers start with the Strada Vecia path from Bonifacio), it serpents through the fragrant scrubland and idyllic creeks. Passing by the Capu di Fenu lighthouse and continuing through an interesting chaos of granite, and again passing by the superbly wild Stagnolu beach to end on the Tunara beach.


All along this path, you will encounter the remains of buildings confirming human activity of the past.  Amongst others: a water mill, a former brickyard, and a vegetable garden.  The guardians of the Capu di Fenu lighthouse used the garden.  In fact, the name of this locality means, “hay headland” as in the past, it was a developed pastoral area. You will still encounter free running goats today, frolicking amongst the granite rocks and maritime grasslands. Perhaps they are also waiting for the end of the day to watch the famous sunset on La Tunara beach.


  • Difficulty : Red level

Why it’s nice !

  • Very exclusive creeks
  • Vegetal and mineral mix
  • Remains of agro-pastoral times
  • The sunset


sentier Fenu-2018

Contact information

Capu di Fenu path, from Paragan to Tunara

20169 Bonifacio