Departure from the Bucchi Nera information centre, at the end of the road connecting the Cuscuinu plateau to the village of Quenza. Discover the breath taking landscapes on the Alta Rocca highlands in the Regional Nature Park of Corsica, with their streams and ponds. This pond path progresses along the streams where numerous animals come to drink. The flora is also very rich: information is signposted all along the path.


The “pozzines” are thick grasslands, green and spongy than can be mistaken for mousse.  The name comes from “pozzi” which means “water well” in Corsican.  They are crossed by streams saturating them with water to the point of creating water holes.  Finally, you get the impression of grasslands that float on water.  They are magnificent: like an oasis in the mountains, but without the palm trees or camels.  On the other hand, there are horses, pigs, cows … and plenty of photos to be taken.


  • Difficulty : Green level

Why it’s nice !

  • Children adore the animals
  • Very interesting endemic flora
  • Photographers paradise
  • Excursion in the open air for a great souvenir


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Cuscionu, water trail

20122 Quenza