One of the hardest trails in Europe as well as the most coveted by great hikers, crosses Corsica from North to South, from Calenzana to Conca via Vizzavona, you will travel a total distance of 180km where you will discover the natural heritage of Corsica, a fauna and a unique flora through the mountains.


The GR20 mountain refuges are open all year round, with guards present from June to September.

Gas, firewood and cooking utensils are available; you can bring your own food and cook on site.


No refuge can be reached by telephone, overnight stays can only be booked via the PNRC website:, but you can go without a reservation and pay on site, in which case an additional €1 will be charged to the basic price.

As wild camping is prohibited, bivouac areas are provided around the refuges with showers and kitchen area.


On the ecological side: for the respect of the fauna and flora it is forbidden to make fires, wild camping, to leave your garbage lying around and of course the greatest silence is requested in order not to frighten some endangered species, never feed wild animals, and dogs must be kept on a lead.


The price of refuges:

1 night in a refuge: 14€ per person

1 night in bivouac: 6€ per person

Tent rental: 11€

Attention blankets are not provided


During the guardian period, meals, breakfasts and “food baskets” will be offered without reservation.


Average rates applied FOR REFERENCE:

Meals: about 20€, served until 8pm

Breakfast: about 10 €


For the less experienced, we recommend the Mare a Mare or the Mare e Monti.

  • View : Mountain, Sea, Maquis
  • Environment : Mountain

Why it’s nice !

  • View: Mountain, Sea, Scrubland
  • Environment: Mountain


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