This path indicates the North-western border of Bonifacio or the port of Figari from the Gulf of Ventilègne. Owned by the Coastal Protection Agency, the entire coastline of La Testa is protected from urbanisation. This easy and family hike allows you to discover numerous small wild beaches, nestled between the scrubland and the pink granite boulders.


The typical flora of the Corsican coast is depicted on this path.  A festival of colours opens before you: orchids, meadow saffron, romulea and anemones punctuate this colourful and natural surrounding.  With a bit of luck you will hear the metallic sound of the Bluebird: keep you eyes pinned and you may see them perched on the summit of a boulder; you may also see traces of the Hermann tortoise in the sand, the only French terrestrial tortoise: a rare and endangered species!

The La Testa path is a succession of beaches and creeks scattered with surprising giant boulders.  Numerous parking spaces can be found along the walk.


  • Difficulty : Blue Level

Why it’s nice !

  • Quiet beaches
  • Hidden creeks
  • Easy walks with children
  • Turquoise sea and seabed
  • Fragrance of the scrubland
  • Sunset


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La Testa path, from Ventilègne to Figari

Plage de la Testa 20169 Bonifacio