At the exit of this charming village that we suggest you visit, a recently signposted “patrimony path” will lead you to some architectural curiosities called “orii” that will inevitably make you think of the abodes of Hobbits.


All along the path, the rocks are ubiquitous and fascinating due to their shapes and colours.  Monacia d’Aullène and its region have an impressive number of caves and orii.  Built originally from natural caves called “tafoni”, these orii were habitations, tombs or grain silos depending on the period.  The orii of Monacia d’Aullène are, for the most part, well preserved and of remarkable beauty.  This path “I Strittoni” also reveals past agricultural activities: a old mill that transformed grain into flour, cork oak trees (a souvenir of the past cork exploitation), juniper wood used for constructions and picket fences… At the start of the circuit there is also an old cemetery, which was more widely spread in the past: the older tombs date back to the 18th century and certain tombstones evoke sundial crosses.


  • Difficulty : Green level

Why it’s nice !

  • The charm of the village itself
  • Facility of the path
  • Very pleasant excursion with children
  • The traditional orii


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