A few kilometres from Bonifacio, starting from the Hermitage of the Trinity, several paths lead to the Capu du Fenu lighthouse, Paragan beach or the Bocca d’Arbia pass (along the RT-40 where a parking lot is also a departure point).


Culminating at 205 meters, the Mont de la Trinité is the “mountain” that guards Bonifacio.  Several round-trip or continuous circuits start from here.  For the fans of culture, you can take the Way of the Cross, with its 12 Stations, that goes down to Paragan beach.  For the fans of nature, the different paths serpent through the fragrant scrubland and the beautiful granite chaos.  At days-end, sunset over the town and the Strait of Bonifacio can be seen from the Hermitage of the Trinity.


  • Difficulty : Blue Level

Why it’s nice !

  • View over the Strait of Bonifacio
  • Numerous exclusive creeks
  • Preserved fauna and flora
  • Sunset


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Ermitage de la Trinité 20169 Bonifacio