This shady path, situated two steps from Rundinara beach, encircles a lagoon: the Prisarella pond. All along the way, you can enjoy the beauty of this site, protected by the Coastal Protection Agency. This easy and pedagogical path teaches children about the protected fauna and flora.


During your walk, you will encounter a type of pine tree; in reality they are Phoenician Junipers.  Their unique shapes sculpted by the wind grow on top of the dunes.  Their very hard wood, commonly called “iron wood” was used for a long time to make robust beams for the Bonifacien habitations.  It is now illegal to cut them down.  You will also encounter Helichrysum with its perfumed blossoms, or the yellow, white or pink flowered Cistus depending on the type.  Discrete warblers and butterflies such as the Jason, live in this dense vegetation, appreciating the puddles of salty water.

  • View : Mer, Maquis


  • Difficulty : Green level

Why it’s nice !

  • Easy walk with the children
  • Multitude of landscapes
  • Proximity to one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.
  • Fauna and flora


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