In this typical village in middle mountain country, the perfectly and explicitly signposted “Patrimony path” runs through the village and leads you to discover the charms of rural and traditional life.


During your walk, you will enter the Chjaspula mill that has been recently restored and discover its history.  If you go at night, the lighting of the building is well worth the effort! Many more patrimonial elements punctuate the circuit: a washhouse, a chestnut dryer, a beautiful chestnut tree forest; all bare witness to the rich past of the village.  And finally you will end the walk with Louis, an apiarist and cured meat producer, a worthy representative of know-how of the Corsican region!


  • Difficulty : Green level

Why it’s nice !

  • Learn all about the chestnut
  • See the mill by day and by night
  • Information signposts along the path
  • In the heart of tradition
  • In good weather, view right to Sardinia


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