In Bonifacio everything has been planned to welcome at best all of our visitors! Parking in the Upper Town, on the marina and outside the city ...


In order to facilitate the parking of its visitors and subscribers, the municipality set up a website to see in real time the availability of different car parks.

Intramural parking:

  • The parking minute: has 20 seats for all public with free parking (the first 40 minutes).
  • The P1, known as the stadium car park: it has 218 places reserved exclusively for visitors
  • The P2 says parking behind the police: there are 131 mixed-use spaces for subscribers and visitors
  • The P3: located at the end of the tunnel has 65 mixed-purpose spaces for subscribers and visitors
  • The P4 or Saint Dominique car park: located opposite the town hall has 66 spaces reserved exclusively for subscribers
  • Parking Montlaur: located in the former military barracks Montlaur has 130 seats, reserved exclusively for subscribers of Upper Town.
  • The P5: located in the morning cemetery, has 300 mixed-use spaces for subscribers and visitors.
  • The PS2: located next to the Brancuccio climb, has 45 places reserved exclusively for subscribers.
  • The PS3: located near the premises of the municipal police, is reserved for subscribers.
  • The PS4: located above the treatment plant near the commercial port, has 60 spaces reserved for subscribers.
  • The PS5: located opposite the old hospital, has 60 seats exclusively reserved for subscribers.

-The city has 150 motorbike seats and 23 places reserved for people with reduced mobility.

Outdoor parking:

-The city has 150 motorbike seats and 23 places reserved for people with reduced mobility.

Outdoor parking:

-The parking Monte Leone: offers 300 seats, open at busy times. A shuttle bus transports visitors to the city

The shuttle which provides transport for visitors to the city was not implemented in 2020.

-The Valli car park: located on the edge of the roundabout of entry of city, counts 250 places. It is open during busy times. The Municipal Police is responsible for routing to the car park.

-These two car parks welcome motorhomes and buses

Subscribed cards:

The barriers of the car parks are put in place on April 1st.

In order to prevent the population of Bonifacienne long queues, the municipality offers to reactivate your card Parking remote.

In fact, all you have to do is send by post the following documents:

-The photocopy of your Gray Card

-The copy of your current parking card

-Proof of address

– A check of 25 euros to the order of the public treasury


-Adresse: Bonifacio Town Hall, Parking Authority 12 place de l’Europe, 20169 Bonifacio.

-The macaroons are available at the park management from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 11:30.

-The rates are unchanged: 25 euros for residents and 60 euros for other subscribers.


– Marine residents and countryside card: it gives access to all the car parks of the Navy (except P1) and all car parks in the city (except Mantlaur). The rate of the card is 25.00

Map residents city: it gives access to all parking in the city and all those of the Navy (except P1 and P2). The fare is 25.00 €


Seasonal cards

-Access to P2, P3, P4 and P5. The cost is 60.00 €

– Free cards: 150 cards are published and distributed for the needs of the municipal services, the nursery and institutional partners, CTC, Gendarmerie, Intercommunality, emergency services …

  • Environment : Marina, In the countryside, Medieval town


  • Parkings

Spoken languages

  • French
  • Italian
  • English

Why it’s nice !

  • Numerous possibilities to park
  • For smaller budgets: Valli et Monte Leone parking
  • Real time availability on the billboards
  • The website in real time

Comfort / services

Activities on the spot

  • Practical service


  • The evening of festivities, from 5 pm to midnight : 7,50 €

More information on the official website

Means of payment

  • Credit cards : Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard


    Of 01/01/2024 the 31/12/2024

Contact information

The car parks in Bonifacio

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