One of the most memorable souvenirs of the city of the cliffs. This beach has very fine sand, very original caves in an unforgettable lunar landscape.


Quietly lying on the fine white sand, you can admire the limestone rocks with their spectacular shapes.  At the top of the cliff, the Pertusatu lighthouse guards the sea.  

The Saint-Antoine islet and an open-air cave called l’Orca are nearby.  Further the citadel of Bonifacio defies the winds of time. To reach this beach, either you can take the superb Campu Romanilu/Pertusatu (4 hours round trip) walk or drive to the lighthouse and from there, a 20 minute walk takes you to this exceptional beach.

Why it’s nice !

  • Now you why the site is called Pertusato, meaning “pierced”
  • Its worth getting wet to see the seabed
  • The beautiful end of the day
  • A little further away, the open air cave called l’Orca


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Comfort / services

  • Parking at 25 minutes

Contact information

Sant’Antoniu Beach

Sentier Capo Pertusatu 20169 Bonifacio