This historical beach is situated at the foot of the small San-Rocu chapel, beneath the fortress. Sutta Rocca beach is the nearest to the town. This small, pebbled creek has seen generations of Bonifaciens. And today, it is still very popular.


In the past, it was the beach of the young locals and flirts.  The less fearless amongst them played a game to show off their courage to the young girls by jumping into the water from the famous U Diu Grossu rock (also called the Grain of Sand).  

And this spectacle continues today for everyone to see.

Why it’s nice !

  • Here apart from the seabed, there are also the “marine skies”
  • At only sixty metres from the town…
  • he mural fresco “Dripping” by the artist Pboy


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Sutta Rocca beach

Montée Saint-Roch 20169 Bonifacio