The religious heritage of Bonifacio

The picturesque capital of Corsica is not only distinguished by its exceptional natural heritage, it also has a great religious richness.
It will be impossible for you to discover the Citadel without entering one of Bonifacio’s five churches, all of which have a very different character and architecture (Romanesque, Gothic or Neo-Byzantine).
If you continue on your way, you will discover hidden behind the fortifications, the Bonifacio marine cemetery, a place of peace and meditation that offers a breath taking view of the Mediterranean and Sardinia. But it is not the only place that will offer you such views, in fact, a few minutes from Bonifacio is the Hermitage of the Trinity; an old monastery perched at an altitude of 200 metres that proudly overlooks the Straits of Bonifacio, thus offering an exceptional panorama.
Religious life in Bonifacio is very prominent, it represents the city but also its inhabitants who contribute and actively participate in it. Indeed, Bonifacians are very often members of one of the 5 brotherhoods that animate the city.