Corsica has an exceptional natural heritage with countless wonderful rivers and streams that lend themselves to be discovered. With its mountain peaks rising rapidly above the sea, the Island of Beauty gathers a multitude of torrents that make it an ideal playground for canyoning enthusiasts. During the heat of the summer, their fresh waters are a real delight.


Canyoning consists of descending steep rivers that have formed gorges as a result of thousands or even millions of years of erosion. It is a non-competitive sport, a real outdoor physical activity open to all. Equipped with a neoprene suit, a harness and a helmet, you will walk, swim and overcome obstacles encountered with the help of ropes, tempting isn’t it?

But sometimes nature does things well and will let you go tobogganing in waterfalls or jumping more or less high in wide and deep pools. Depending on the nature of the rock and the geological history of the massif, water sculpts its path in many ways, making each spot unique and deserve to be tested! Here the animal as well as vegetal environment forms unique biotopes that are preserved…and to be preserved!


And Corsica conceals ideal little corners:


The Fango Valley – a biosphere reserve classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1977 – is situated about ten kilometres from Galéria and less than 45 minutes from Calvi by taking the road to Porto. The Fango canyon which crosses it has dug over time an incalculable number of natural swimming pools where tourists and locals alike regularly go.


Corte is the nerve centre of the best hikes in Corsica. With its mountain paths, Corte and its surroundings offer beautiful spots for canyoning.

The canyon of Richiusa, located near Ajaccio, and that of Verghullu offer various elements of progression: jumps, but also slides, zip lines and abseiling.


You can also access the canyons of Tavignanu, Vecchio, and Zoicu depending on where you live which are accessible to all members of the family.

The famous Bavella Massif has 3 canyons with random levels of difficulty. Enough to satisfy beginners as well as the most experienced.


The most playful canyon is Pulischellu, which alternates between slides and moderate jumps. It’s an ideal descent to learn canyoning. It’s an ideal descent for beginners and accessible to the youngest.

Another well-known spot in the Bavella area: the Purcaraccia canyon. It is famous for its 2 to 10-meter toboggans and its two 30 to 40-meter abseiling descents.

As for the Vacca canyon, it is the wildest canyon in the Bavella area and perhaps one of the most emblematic in Corsica. It includes several jumps of up to 12 meters and abseiling descents.


Canyoning is ideal for discovering some of Corsica’s still very wild and unspoilt corners. So, don’t hesitate to plan an afternoon of canyoning in the program of your next holidays in Corsica!

  • Environment : Mountain, River, Forest, Maquis

Why it’s nice !

  • Activity in the heart of nature
  • For the whole family
  • Allows you to discover privileged corners