The unity of the coastlines of the commune is part of the Nature Reserve of the Strait of Bonifacio. Your stay on this protected zone implicates particular attention to this exceptional environment.


The Reserve houses coastal environments such as exceptional landscapes: Archipelago of the Lavezzi islands, Cerbicale islands, Bruzzi and Moines, cliffs of Bonifacio, and the Ventilègne ponds …

There are no less than 16 ecological unities with varying ecosystems: the open sea where it is not unusual to see the great dolphins, marine tortoises, Cory’s Shearwaters, underwater chaos of boulders with their gorgonians, groupers, the Posidonia grasslands, large creeks and shallow bays, marine grottos, lagoons, dunes, cliffs and sandy beaches … The perimeter of the Nature Reserve includes all this unique biodiversity and represents more than 80 000 marine and terrestrial hectares over five communes.

There are zones of Reinforced Protection covering 12 300 hectares and Non-Intrusive zones of 1130 hectares. This making the Nature Reserve of the Strait of Bonifacio the vastest Reserve of the public domain in mainland France.

  • Environment : Coast, Cliff, With panormaic view

Why it’s nice !

  • Exceptional landscapes and a unique biodiversity
  • Nature under High Protection
  • 120 km coastline: all accessible by land or sea

Contact information

Natural Reserve of Bouches de Bonifacio

20169 Bonifacio