The port of Bonifacio is one of the most beautiful jewels of the Mediterranean with its particularity of being nestled in the cliffs. Its citadel watches over the boats and has a unique décor like nowhere else.


With its four quays, the port of Bonifacio has something to offer for every visitor!

In the centre, the Honour Quay, where you will find the Harbour Master’s Office, a tourist information office, a large playground for the kids, and the embarkation for the boat excursions as well as some of the biggest yachts in the world.

South side, Quai Comparetti is the most animated of the marina; you will find numerous boutiques, bars and restaurants with their terraces that give the impression being aboard a boat!

Further down South side, the Quai Comparetti becomes the Quai Banda del Ferro, welcoming yachts and sailing boats, moored stern to quay just a metre away! Some advice: walk around in the evening for a colourful spectacle!

Quai Nord is slightly calmer and always sunny, with its hotels, boutiques and nautical activities. From this side you have the best view of the citadel! Don’t hesitate to wander to the House of the fishermen.

  • Environment : Marina

Why it’s nice !

  • Have an ice cream, a fresh iced drink after an excursion to the Lavezzi islands
  • The incessant ballet of boats is mesmerizing
  • The great choice of restaurants
  • Dream whilst looking at the most beautiful yachts in the world


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