The most Corsican of Corsican towns, according to Proper Mérimée, is one hour from Bonifacio. A not to be missed cultural stop!


The ultimate Corsican town!

The alleyways and old buildings, full of charm, hidden in a granite fortress overlooking the beautiful valley of the Rizzanese, are most striking. We, certainly, cannot forget the image of Colomba when visiting Sartène, whilst searching for its sincerity. The souvenir boutiques don’t get the better of this historical town… so much the better! Have a coffee on the Place Porta listening to the Corsican accent of the population! The true Corsican is not far. If you pass through on Good Friday, don’t miss the Catenacciu procession, the moving Way of the Cross, in the old town.


Sartène, an ancestral land

For the lovers of prehistoric times, there is a wonderful museum, rich with archaeological objects and here it is the lesser-known Corsica you will discover: the Megalithic era. Like in Brittany, the region is full of menhir or standing stone (originating from the Celtic language: maen or men, “stone” and hir or hîr, “long’’). Only 10 minutes by car, the archaeological site in Caura is well worth the detour!

  • View : Panoramique
  • Environment : Corsica

Why it’s nice !

  • The most Corsican of Corsican towns
  • Roccapina Lion: a sensational scenic view along the road
  • 9 reputed wine cellars with the wines of Sartène (AOC) along the way
  • - A beautiful road between Bonifacio and Sartène: views over the sea, steep and craggy rocks, scrubland and the plains.


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Sartène, the soul of Corsica!

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