Lavezzu, Cavallo, Ratinu, Piana… these are some of the granitic islands that form the Archipelago of Lavezzi, classified Reinforced Protection Zone of the Nature Reserve. But Bonifacio also has other attractive islands, but not all accessible as too abrupt. But their presence in the seascape always awakens the dreamer.


Amongst the 8 islands of the Archipelago of Lavezzi islands, Lavezzu is the one you will surely visit. Why? For its turquoise water, its beaches and creeks, its granite boulders, and wild environment but also because Lavezzu island abounds with history and presents graphic and unique ecological interest.


Don’t hesitate to follow the paths and discover its two cemeteries, its shelter under Neolithic rocks, its ancient sheep pen, and the ruins of the Santa Maria chapel welcoming monks in the 10th to 16th century, its lighthouse, and today the base for agents of the Nature Reserve. Observe the marine birds such as the Cory’s Shearwater, the crested cormorant or the Auduoin seagull and above all explore the seabed teeming with life!


Cavallo is the only inhabited island; Piana island can be reached on foot on a sandbank from the facing Piantarella beach. A rare experience!


Several possibilities are available to reach Lavezzu island: take a boat/shuttle from the port of Bonifacio, rent a boat, on a jet ski from the port, Piantarella beach or the Gulf of Sant’Amanza, or even on a sailing boat or kayak from Piantarella. Anchoring is possible!

  • Environment : Lavezzi Islands

Why it’s nice !

  • 30 minutes by boat from Bonifacio
  • Unique and protected landscapes, take your cameras!
  • Fine sand, crystal water, beaches and creeks!
  • Snorkelling in a magnificent giant aquarium


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The Archipelago of the Lavezzi islands

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