The Island of Beauty, nickname of Corsica, is famous for its beaches and marinas, but its mountains, just as spectacular, are well worth the detour. It is not for nothing that it is also nicknamed "The mountain in the sea".


The mountains are what give Corsica this impression of strength, nobility and character. This vast rocky territory has 1,700 peaks, the highest and most famous, Monte Cinto, is almost 3,000 meters high.


In the vicinity of Ghisonaccia to Ile Rousse, crossing Corte and Ponte Leccia, one reaches two different mountainous and nature zones: the North-East, more in relief with its crests which culminate at 1767 meters up to Monte Petrone in the Cap Corse which extends as far as the Fiurmorbu. Towards the East, there is another mountain range a little lower at 1285 meters. Several of its mountains have poetic names such as “l’En-Deça-Des-Monts”, “Cismonte” in Corsican, “La Cime du e Folicce”, “Le Monte Stello”, “Le Monte San Petrone” and “Le Monte Asto”. To the West, this mountainous area is called “L’Au-delà-des-Monts”, “Pumonti” in Corsican.


You can admire the famous “Aiguilles de Bavella”, Monte Cinto – the roof of the island, Monte Rotondo, Monte Oro, Monte Renoso, Punta di A Cappella, amongst others. This territory is made up of granite massifs, also known as needles, and some stretches of rock that seem to continue into the Mediterranean. It has some of the highest peaks on the island.


To discover the Corsican mountains is also to access immense forests, valleys, torrents and waterfalls; one can even find mountain pastures as well as terraced crops, some of which can be found at more than 800 meters! Not forgetting to mention the rivers and streams, which are surrounded by beech and chestnut woods, inhabited by colourful trout.


Mountain activities are not limited to climbing, walking and trekking. One can enjoy a refreshing swim in its lakes and rivers. Some people like to explore its trails on horseback or on foot, by mountain bike or quad, depending on your wishes. In winter, you can ski in several spots in the mountains. However, there are a few places that are not to be missed, such as the exceptional site of Bavella, with its long granite needles and Laricci pines, or the “natural pools” near the village of Zonza.

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