In addition to its paradisiacal beaches and attractive towns, southern Corsica conceals many other wonders. Just head inland and more precisely to the Cuscione plateau, situated at an altitude of 1500 meters, home to exceptional flora and fauna.


The small narrow road winds its way up through the forest to reach the plateau at an altitude of 1500 meters. By following the track to the end of the road, you arrive near a refuge and leave the car at the car park.


And off you go! This site will invite you to relax, both young and old, with its exceptional setting and its vast flat expanses. This plateau is also the starting point for many hikes which are, for the most part, easy. So, take the path of your choice and discover this plateau with its magical landscape.


A walk on the Cuscione plateau is completely immersed in the countryside. But don’t be mistaken! This site is not completely deserted. On the contrary, you will mainly meet horses, cows and pigs, all totally free!


The landscape is dominated by green expanses, “spongy” and humid lawns.

The plateau was a former glacial melted lake from the ice age which was gradually filled with peat. In the middle of these green areas you regularly find “pozzines”, small pools of water in the middle of the lawn, and sometimes you even have the impression that small grassy islands are floating on the water. Moreover, today they are under the protection of the Nature Park of Corsica.


This is the perfect place for you to enjoy an exceptional environment with exceptional flora and fauna!


Why it’s nice !

  • Easy trails, with very little height difference.
  • Family outings that will delight young and old alike.
  • A varied fauna and flora
  • An exceptional natural setting that will seduce you.


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