The wild and turquoise beach and the Lion of Roccapina is a small wonder of nature which is located halfway between Bonifacio and Sartène. For a guaranteed change of scenery ...


The sea spray, wind and rain have shaped the pink granite creating a monumental promontory depicting a lion lying and facing the Mediterranean.

This granite beast is recognized as the guardian of the Genoese tower of Roccapina….

The beach of Roccapina, a beautiful sandy beach with turquoise water.

This site will amaze you with its almost unreal beauty, especially at sunset. (Camera required!)

To admire this view, simply park by the roadside, several small car parks are at your disposal.

If your schedule allows it, we recommend you to go down to the small paradisiacal beach at the foot of the lion of Roccapina for a short break.

For hikers, this small beach is also the starting point of a trail that will allow you to go around the Lion to reach the other side, towards a huge beach dotted with small dunes called Erbaju beach.

  • Environment : Southern Corsica

Why it’s nice !

  • Hostel bar/restaurant located just next to the promontory of the Lion of Roccapina
  • The view
  • The beaches of Roccapina and Erbaju.


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The beach and the Lion of Roccapina

20100 Sartene