Corsica is nicknamed "Island of Beauty" for a good reason. An island so rich in landscapes, forests, rivers, mountains...and above all beaches!


Whether you are looking for a large beach with turquoise water or a small wild cove, the island is the ideal destination for those who are on the lookout for paradisiacal beaches without going to the end of the world.

So, because it’s sometimes complicated to make a choice, here are the top 10 of Corsica’s must-see beaches!


  • Sperone: At the extreme South of the island, near the town of Bonifacio and the famous golf course of the same name, the two Sperone beaches have everything to seduce you with a picturesque setting between crystalline water, white sand and scrubland.

  • Palombaggia: Located in the gulf of Porto-Vecchio, Palombaggia is undoubtedly THE most famous beach in Corsica, between umbrella pines and crystal-clear water, a real postcard setting.

  • Santa Giulia: Situated not far from Palombaggia, Santa Giulia is also one of the most emblematic beaches, an ideal place for lazing around and for family bathing thanks to its shallow water.

  • La Rondinara: In an unspoilt environment, the bay of La Rondinara, often described as the most beautiful beach in France, with its white sand and turquoise water also has a shell shape that makes it so special.

  • Lavezzi Islands: This still preserved archipelago is an environmental jewel. An idyllic setting that will delight those in search of paradisiacal beaches but also snorkelling enthusiasts who will be able to discover the rich seabed.

  • Roccapina Beach: Under the guard of the Granite Lion, Roccapina beach is a real jewel in the heart of the wilderness.

  • Fautea Beach: This long beach of golden sand guarded by a Genoese tower is the ideal place to relax in a paradisiacal setting.

  • Saleccia Beach: The north of the island is not pale in comparison to the south, quite the contrary, and Saleccia is proof of this! Mythical beach of the Nebbiu region, this long beach of white sand and turquoise water is quite difficult to access, therefore preserved.

Crédit-photo: Office de Tourisme de Bastia.
  • Nonza beach: Unique in Corsica for its setting, the Nonza village beach will surely remind you of distant beaches. 500 steps lead to this black sand and pebble beach, with all along the way a breath-taking view of this immense and so atypical expanse.

Crédit-photo: Office de Tourisme de Bastia.
  • Ostriconi Beach: This beach with intense colours located not far from Ile Rousse has enough to fill you with wonder by its diversity of landscapes, dense scrubland, Desert of Agriates, the Ostriconi river.

Crédit-photo: Office de Tourisme de Balagne.
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Why it’s nice !

  • Richness of the landscapes
  • Wild nature
  • Distant horizon