Corisca is often liked to its landscapes, its climate … But the identity of the Island of Beauty is also its local products and its renowned gastronomy.


It will be impossible to go to Corsica without tasting some of its many local products.

Be careful the list is long!

– The wine:

Thanks to its unique climate and the richness of the soil, Corsica is a region that is ideal for winegrowing. The island has many different grape varieties, all different from each other.


What could be better than a refreshing break on a terrace to enjoy a good Corsican beer! Tempting, isn’t it? The most famous is the “Pietra” made from chestnut flour. There are also two other beers, “Serena” and “Colomba”, both blond.

– The liqueurs:

In Corsica, it is impossible to finish your meal without a small digestive! The liqueurs are made from scrubland plants such as myrtle, arbutus or chestnut!

– The waters:

In Corsica, you will find 3 types of water, 2 are flat: Saint George and Zilia and one sparkling: Orezza.

-Cold cut meats:

Emblem of Corsican gastronomy: its famous cold cut meats! The Island of Beauty is teeming with wild or farmed pigs that feed on scrubland plants, giving the meats a unique taste! You will find many varieties of deli meats: prizuttu, coppa, lonzu, figatellu… The hardest part is to choose or taste everything!

– The cheese:

The most famous Corsican cheese is “brocciu” which is a fresh cheese made from sheep’s or goat’s milk. You will find it in many dishes both salty and sweet. A delight!

– Desserts:

What could be better than finishing your meal with a sweet touch? Many pastries make the reputation of Corsican gastronomy! Among the most famous you will find: Canistrellis (dry cakes often flavoured), Chestnut cakes, Frappes (small cakes made with orange peel) or the very famous Fiadonu (pie made with brocciu and lemon peel).

– The honey:

Corsica is a territory favourable to beekeeping thanks to its exceptional botanical conditions! The Island of Beauty even has a protected designation of origin for its honey “Mele di Corsica”.

-Olive oil:

A point of honour for a successful Corsican cuisine! Corsica alone has 6 different varieties of olives. There are many producers who will be delighted to welcome you! So don’t forget to bring a small bottle of Corsican olive oil back home to enhance your cooking! 😊


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