To see/to do Bonifacio

In Bonifacio, you never get bored!

Pierre, land, sea, history lover or simple visitor in search of emotions, a Corsican restaurant, where you can discover the Bonifacio recipes.
A paradise of activities! 1 hour walk, on horseback, along the coast, a river, in the mountains in southern Corsica, you will find here all you need! Including all the activities of canyoning, golf, tree climbing, adventure park, climbing …Nautical activity, obliged! scuba diving, a sea trip. Go on a kayak sailing cruise. For amateurs, kiteboarding, windsurfing, jet skiing, water skiing …
The heritage of Bonifacio is not only distinguished by its exceptional natural heritage, it also has a great religious wealth.
Shopping in the alleys of Bonifacio, artisans, Corsican designers, ready-to-wear, accessories, jewelry.On our town 25 dream beaches, and even more … Turquoise water, fine sand, idleness and sand castle program.