Visits and discoveries

Bonifacio is such a spectacular territory… there is so much to see and do! Take the time to stroll and get lost in the small alleys of the Citadel.

Come and discover the Bonifacian treasures: its exceptional religious heritage with the only Gothic church in Corsica! It’s Bastion (the highest in France) will offer you breath-taking views!  Also take the 189 steps of the famous staircase of the King of Aragon….

Bonifacio is not only distinguished by its exceptional natural heritage, it also has a great religious richness.

On land and at sea, Bonifacio will have enough to satisfy you… Embark on board a boat to contemplate the wonders of nature: cliffs, sea caves, Lavezzi Islands… Camera strongly recommended!

If you opt for a stay of several days, all the not-to-be-missed attractions of Southern Corsica are within easy reach. That’s a good sign, if you don’t know where to look first.

What to do when it rains ? Discover the charm of Bonifacio and its surroundings in all weathers …