Unfortunately there is no motorway in Corsica. Some major roads cross the island from North to South; otherwise you will drive on slower roads, particularly in the mountains. In all, 5000 kilometres of sinuous turns … but above all spectacular views and out of the ordinary souvenirs. Driving slowly in Corsica is a guarantee of happiness.


Look at your watch to evaluate the distances.

Here is something to help you calculate the duration of your trips on our roads in Corsica in low or high season.

  • Bonifacio / Saint Florent 195 kilomètres – 3h.
  • Bonifacio/Calvi 235 kilomètres – 2h50.
  • Bonifacio/Bastia 170 kilomètres – 2h40.
  • Bonifacio /Corte 150 kilomètres – 2h10.
  • Bonifacio/Aléria 100 kilomètres – 1h15.
  • Bonifacio/Ajaccio 120 kilomètres – 2h10.
  • Bonifacio/Propriano 70 kilomètres – 1h15.
  • Bonifacio/Sartène 55 kilomètres – 1h.
  • Bonifacio/Porto-Vecchio 25 kilomètres – 0h30.

From Bonifacio to Porto Vecchio, allow for 30 minutes. Even if the distance is only 25 km.  For Ajaccio, it is 132 kilometres and it will take you 02h15 in winter and 02h45 in the summer.  From this, you will understand that in Corsica we evaluate distances in hours, as they vary depending on the route and density of the traffic.

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Why it’s nice !

  • Slowly but surely
  • 50 - 60 km/h, that’s the holiday rhythm
  • Breath-taking scenery at every turn.


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