Haute-Corse has so much to offer in every season, every corner is a wonder where natural and heritage treasures follow one another. So not a minute to waste to take to the road and discover the many unreal types of scenery!


Sometimes forgotten because of its southern neighbour, Haute-Corse is not without interest, far from it! This region will reveal an authentic and diverse Corsica, between pristine beaches and ancestral lands; everyone will find something to interest them!


Bastia, the emblematic capital of Haute Corse, is also a place of timeless charm where you can stop for a while as well as stay. We stay here, for its rich historical heart with Genoese constructions, the narrow streets and its old port. Each street corner is a sign of a new atmosphere where you can immerse yourself a little more in the island’s history.


Bastia is the gateway to this region known as the island on the island: Cap Corse.

Here, we are seduced by the authenticity of the fishing villages, still unknown to tourists, and we let ourselves be captivated by the landscapes, between vast black sandy beaches and mountains that we discover along a scenic road. At the bend of the coastal road, we find Nonza, known for its characteristic beach of this region and we are surprised to see the “American” residences, witnesses of the island’s history in this natural setting.


From there, it only takes 30 minutes to reach the Nebbiu region, where you can find one of the most popular cities in summer. Saint Florent is undoubtedly one of the jewels of Haute Corse, this gulf at the crossroads of Balagne and Cap Corse is home to one of the most beautiful citadels on the island, with its cathedral and narrow streets, the Genoese citadel is a place where people like to get lost. Saint Florent is also famous for its port, often called “the little Saint Tropez”, a beautiful seaside resort, lively and colourful.


Not far from there, paradisiacal beaches with flamboyant sand and turquoise waters are accessible from the Agriates Desert, a region that is still wild and protected. Accessible by boat or 4WD, the beaches of Lotu, Saleccia or other secret paradisiac beaches offer a spectacular landscape.

For the more adventurous, the Agriates Region can also be visited by hiking trails, from where you can discover the pastoral heritage.


On route to Calvi, a 13th century medieval city, perched on its rock between the sea and the mountains, where you can combine historical visits, relaxation and shopping! Not far from there is the peaceful seaside town of Ile Rousse founded by Pascal Paoli.

But Balagne is also a vast region where you can take the road to old villages such as Lumio, Lavatoggio or Cateri, and of course Sant’Antonino, classified among the most beautiful villages in France.

A completely different landscape, the Restonica Valley, in the heart of the island, a natural setting where you can find natural swimming pools and waterfalls along the way, with paths leading to Melo and Capitello lakes. In this preserved setting, you will find nestled on its rock, the Citadel of Corte, the island’s historic capital with its fascinating history and authentic décor.

  • Environment : Upper Corsica, Sea, Mountain, Maquis

Why it’s nice !

  • Landscape diversity
  • Golden beaches
  • Old villages
  • Panoramic roads