All the travelers who have stayed in Bonifacio have kept an unforgettable memory. Like Charles Quint or Napoleon Bonaparte, the writer Antoine Pasquin, known as Valery, was subjugated by the site of Bonifacio. By qualifying the city as a "picturesque capital", it summarizes in two well-chosen words, the strong sensations and the The extreme remembrance of the "City of Cliffs".

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From 14 Dec
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14 Dec

The Bonifacio Christmas Market

Of 14/12/2018 the 16/12/2018 Bonifacio

01 Apr

In April, priority to activities and sports !

Of 01/04/2019 the 30/04/2019 Bonifacio

04 Apr

On Thursdays, the Polyphonic choral in Bonifacio

Of 04/04/2019 the 31/10/2019 Bonifacio

04 Jul

Festi Lumi, the Festival of Lights in Bonifacio

Of 04/07/2019 the 06/07/2019 Bonifacio

13 Jul

Fireworks in Bonifacio !

Of 13/07/2019 the 08/09/2019 Bonifacio

14 Sep

European Heritage Days

Of 14/09/2019 the 15/09/2019 Bonifacio

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