Holidays rime with super sensations!

You said relaxing?

I can still hear my girlfriends ask me: so you are going to Bonifacio? Turquoise waters, heavenly beaches, relaxing. That’s cool! These words still echoed in my head a few days ago, to the extent that the only challenge of this vacation was simply to make them jealous of my tan, made in Corsica. But it’s true I am not alone, we were two in deciding the choice of activity during the holidays. Fred, my companion, was a bit tired of my endless tanning sessions, lying on the beach. This 15th July morning, the weather is windy. After spending some money at the local producers market and not amorous of sandwiches tasting of sand, we made a quick stop at the Tourist Office to find out what we could do today.

What can we do today?

The wind is offshore today, so the East coast beaches are not recommended. So why not go to the West coast? A coastal wind, ideal to initiate an extreme sport. What can I say; I was never a fish in water. Fred, he was excited by the proposition of the Tourist Office hostess.


A windy afternoon!

Decision taken! We have a number of beaches to choose from: Tonnara, Piantarella, Balistra.  It has to be said Bonifacio has a number of ideal spots for windsurf, kite surf and other extreme sports!

After rapidly consulting the Tourist Office’s practical guide (richly illustrated and very well presented) we decide on windsurfing.  Fred contacts Jeremie, one of the Club’s instructors.  Appointment at 2 p.m. by the Piantarella lagoon.  Anguish rises as well as adrenaline.  I try to reassure myself that great fun photos will be taken and thus be able to add to my, lately not very active, Instagram account.

Fred’s advice.

First impression: we are far from the clichés of the Mediterranean sea, no waves or tides. A slight swell perturbs the blue horizon of the lagoon. Upon arrival Jeremie puts us at ease with a warm welcome tinged with his local accent and windsurfing jargon. Initiation is open to all and does not require a particular physical condition. I insist that I have no sense of balance, that, at 28, I still cannot tell my right from my left. Here I am in my wetsuit waiting my turn. Fred goes first; I am convinced I will see his somersaults, laugh seeing his first unsuccessful departure. But no, Fred seems to advance his sail with style.

Jeremie explains we have special sails for beginners. The equipment is lighter and more flexible, allowing easier manoeuvres to advance faster to the open sea and easily understand the wind’s mechanism. Effectively, Janine, a 63-year-old pensioner gave a great demonstration… It seems so easy!

In communion with the sea.

Here we go, it’s my turn! Jeremie verifies one last time if all is well security wise. A few hesitant steps onto the board, I timidly lift the sail. It’s not quite like the others. Jeremie stays with me for encouragement. And I’m off! A 50 m glide followed by a tumble!  I didn’t reach the blue horizon but the sensations are definitely there. Rapidly I become independent and my movements spontaneous. 50m, 60m, 100m. From afar, I can hear Jeremie calling: turn the sail, Claire! A well-dosed rotation, my sail moves lightly with the breeze and I sail, I sail … on the water!  I can’t really say I am in communion with the sea. It’s a cliché, but I am certainly seduced. Its 10 p.m. and mosquito bites indicate it’s time to stop. A last glance over the wild lagoon, which we were able to tame during an afternoon. The sunset offers a last souvenir. I ask Fred: what is the weather forecast for tomorrow? Sun, calm sea… What about a kayak experience?