At about a kilometre from the Ospedale lake, in the direction of Zonza, the path starts from a parking lot and continues into a clear view of the landscape allowing you to admire the superb surrounding mountains. It then continues into the forest, filled with the Corsican Laricciu pine trees. The key to this spectacle awaits you after a rather steep descent (but not too difficult): the waterfall from an impressive 60-metre height.


Contrary to rumour, Piscia di Ghjaddu does not mean “cockerel’s pee” but “pine cascade”: less amusing but most certainly more poetic.

During your hike, you will see numerous strangely shaped boulders: Tafoni.  These are rocks that have been hollowed out by erosion of the wind and the rain.  Some were used in the past as huts by the shepherds and are called Orii.

In particular one immense boulder “A Sapara”, sitting at the edge of the path.  Five minutes from the cascade, you will discover the Sentinelle boulder, a huge block of granite balancing on two rocks on the edge of a cliff.


  • Difficulty : Blue Level

Why it’s nice !

  • Exceptional view points
  • Signposts and small bridges
  • Intact natural surroundings
  • Canyoning possible


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Piscia di Ghjaddub Path

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