This is the ecological beach of Bonifacio. Accessible by car (small parking – come early), on foot from the marina, even from the Hermitage of the Trinity and its beds of fine sand spread in shallow depths over several metres. Like a lagoon!


Via the Strada Vecia or Trinité walks (way marked paths), it is a particularly pure and natural beach.

 Indeed, in order to reinstate the sand, the mattress of dried Posidonia is voluntarily left as is.  Some will find this inconvenient; others will understand the constructive and ecological desire to preserve the coastline.  We love it!

Why it’s nice !

  • The only beach to keep its mattress of Posidonia all year round
  • Very exclusive small creeks
  • On foot, by car or even better on horseback
  • Departure points of numerous hiking paths


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Comfort / services

  • Parking nearby

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Paragan beach

Route de Paragan 20169 Bonifacio