Located not far from the beach of the Tunara, rather family, that of Stagnolu has a very different personality. Surrounded by granite rocks, it offers all the pleasures of a nature beach, even those of making an original walk to the Cap de Fenu.


Located 10 minutes from the beach of Tunara, Stagnolu beach is absolutely superb with its fine white sand, but the funds go down quickly to a depth reserved for the good swimmers.

It is thus a beach for confirmed swimmer or to tan for those who enjoy putting their bodies on vacation.

  • Environment : Located West

Why it’s nice !

  • Not too busy, this beach is really very gay
  • Here, it's beautiful everywhere, even below
  • From here, head for the lighthouse on the hiking trail
  • Amateur photographer beautiful pictures and loneliness


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Comfort / services

  • Parking at 5 minutes

Contact information

Stagnolu Beach

D358 20169 Bonifacio