It is impossible to discover the Corsican culture without going to a polyphony concert! Come and immerse yourself in the heart of the Corsican soul, an auditory pleasure that cannot be denied!


Corsican polyphonies are a part of the island’s identity and culture.

These songs originate from the shepherds who, during their escapades in the mountains, sang “paghjelle” which are songs that aim to tell stories of daily life.

From these Corsican polyphonies many groups emerged that do not hesitate today to mix musical styles such as Alba, which associates Corsican polyphony with instruments or the group Arcusgi, which mixes Corsican and Basque.

In Corsica, polyphonic songs are also used as sacred songs of the Church, especially during prayer vigils, pilgrimages or village festivals.

Since 1980 there are several polyphonic groups known in France but also in Europe, here is a small list:

  • Canta U Populu Corsu
  • I Muvrini
  • The Sartène Men’s Choir
  • A Filetta
  • Barbara Furtuna
  • Voce Ventu
  • In Primavera
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Why it’s nice !

  • Many polyphony concerts are organised throughout Corsica.
  • A magical moment