It is 4 in the afternoon, I have just finished work and I collect my little boy, Saveriu, from kindergarten and we are going to amble along the port to relax.  His favourite pastime is to look at the boats!  So off we go to the marina.

Dream time
Ten minutes later we have arrived on the quays. The sun is high in the sky, sunglasses in our nose, what happiness! Even though I live here, I still enjoy ambling on the marina. We go right to the end of the yacht harbour to admire and dream in front of the big yachts. Saveriu already imagines himself on a jet ski, like the one sitting on the impressive boat deck.

The atmosphere is amazing
We turn around onserving the fish swimming in the water. We pass the B’52 nightclub and they are preparing for a theme party. As usual, the staging and decorations are breath taking! A photo stop is called for, and Saveriu, with his throbbing imagination, is already in the theme.

A gourmet moment
Our ritual when we are on the port, is to stop for an ice cream at his favourite ice-cream parlour “Rocca-Serra” sitting on the portside terrace. And we talk all about our day!

A privileged moment that I love spending with my little boy. He doesn’t yet appreciate how lucky he is, at 3 years old, being a little Bonifacien. He will understand later in life!

Why it’s nice!

  • A moment to relax
  • A happy child full of dreams
  • Choice of Ice cream flavours