The grottos are yet another exclusivity that the Bonifacien coastline offers. Who hasn’t visited the S’Dragulinu (little dragon) grotto and not see one of the not-to-be-missed attractions of Bonifacio? Certain grottos can be visited by boat, other smaller ones can be approached on a jet ski or kayak ... for those who prefer the lapping of the waves to the noise of an engine.


The topography of Bonifacio is complex: on the one hand, a granite sub-soil resisting the assault of the sea and allowing the emergence of the islands, that time and the waves have continuously eroded to form the differently shaped and sized grottos.

By boat, you will discover the “Hat of Napoleon” grotto, also called the Saint-Antoine grotto, situated at the entrance of the narrow next to the Rudder of Corsica.   Not far away another natural curiosity, the S’Dragulinu grotto that allows us to perceive the shape of Corsica above us. It is filled with stalactites, and the seabed is colourful and full of fish; ideal for a moment of contemplation and taking photos.

For the more adventurous, there is also the “Bath of Venus” or the circular grotto named l’Orca (the jar). These are accessible only by jet ski or kayak!

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Why it’s nice !

  • Sdragonato grotto: the most visited site in Corsica
  • L’Orca grotto: only visible by kayak, paddle or jet ski
  • Seabed also called “Oriental carpet”

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Marine and millennial grottos

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